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Gyeon Quartz

Q2 Pure 30ml

Gyeon's Q2 Pure is an updated and improved formula of Gyeon Q2 Prime, its original one-layer coating system. Q2 Pure presents the same unbelievably glossy finish, ridiculous hydrophobic properties, and thick protective layer with an easier-to-use application and removal process.

Q2 Pure is designed for the advanced enthusiast or professional who has experience with coatings, who is looking to get excellent durability and looks in a one-layer coating system. While Q2 Pure was designed as a single-layer coating, layering Pure is possible, and would add to its longevity. One layer of Q2 Pure is estimated to last around 18 months or 15,000 miles. Additional layering of Q2 Pure will add to that timeline.

Q2 Pure is super-hydrophobic, producing water beading with contact angles over 110 degrees. This level of hydrophobicity is one of the highest available in the range of coatings available to the consumer market!

Q2 Pure, as well as other Gyeon products, is entirely resistant to chemicals whose pH lies in the range of 2-11. It provides easiness of cleaning irrespective of chosen car washing procedure. It also strengthens the resistance of the coating itself to any damage caused by aggressive chemicals used in automatic car wash.

One of the most important distinguishing features of Q2 Pure, if confronted with other paint coatings, is its unparalleled self-cleaning ability. Certainly, the coating will not remain ideally clean after a long drive in rainy conditions, still, this property makes it possible to significantly prolong time frames between car washes.