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Gyeon Quartz

Q² Mohs EVO 30ml


Our legendary Q² MOHS coating has been completely redesigned, now featuring a world-first use of the fluoro modified polisylazane technology within the car care industry.


Q² Mohs EVO uses fluoro modified polysilazanes for the first time in the car care industry. Why is that so important? Modifying polysilazanes at the precursory stages bring enormous benefits on all levels: durability, chemical resistance or ease of use. Amazingly easy to apply and wipe off, yet extremely chemical resistant. Slick and smooth, yet very durable. Gloss and extreme hydrophobic are just value-added.

The classic Q² Mohs was known as a multilayer product. Its EVO version changes that and now allows a simple and very straightforward application with just one layer. Thanks to the formula, but also our Q²M CoatingApplicator, 30ml of the EVO formula equal at least 50ml of the retired, classic product delivering even improved performance.


Apply the product liberally in your favourite motion to a whole panel. Once temperature and humidity rise, apply to smaller sections and wipe off immediately. The product will lightly bubble up on the panel - this is the perfect timing for wipe off. We recommend the Q²M SoftWipe or Q²M PolishWipe. TIP: The choice of towels for coating wipe off is extremely important. Do not stick to just one type - depending on paint and climate, even the Q²M Suede might be the best choice for perfecting the surface.

CONSUMPTION: 15-25ml/car
DURABILITY: up to 36 MONTHS / 40KKM for 1 layer & 48 MONTHS / 50KKM for 2 layers