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R 410.00

Gyeon Quartz

Q²M PPF Maintain

Unique SiO2 based spray designed to extend & improve self-cleaning abilities of any PPF on the market. Perfect maintenance for Q² PPF coated films.

Use Q²M PPF Maintain for maintenance purpose on any Paint Protection Film, glossy or matte, coated with Q² PPF or not.
TIP: You may use the product both on wet and dry paint – it will enhance the finish, prolong the durability of the coating and help with drying and removing streaks.
Q²M PPF Maintain can be used on vinyl wrap as well.

Q²M PPF Maintain will allow you to maintain incredible slickness of your PPF or Vinyl wrap. Being SiO² based, it will also increase the original hydrophobicity of your film while adding more protection against UV rays & future oxidation.