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Gyeon Quartz

Q2M Wetcoat Essence

Gyeon Q²M WetCoat Essence is a highly concentrated version of Gyeon Q²M WetCoat. The original ready to use Gyeon Q²M WetCoat formula cannot be successfully diluted, nor is it made from a concentrate; rather, it is mixed to a set strength. As such, the formulation of Gyeon Q²M WetCoat Essence required a fresh approach, using the same silica-based protective polymers but a completely new carrier solution. Therefore, as its name implies, the essence of the original ready to use formula (in terms of its protective properties) has been incorporated into Gyeon Q²M WetCoat Essence, even though it is technically a different product. In use, though, this difference is negligible. Once Gyeon Q²M WetCoat Essence is suitably diluted, it behaves in the same way as Gyeon Q²M WetCoat and delivers the same excellent results. In fact, the only significant difference concerns the durability of the protective coating it lays down, which varies with the chosen dilution ratio (from being less durable at lower solution strengths than the original ready to use formula, to more durable at higher solution strengths). Note that the recommended dilution range for Gyeon Q²M WetCoat Essence is 5:1 (water:product) to 15:1 (water:product), with the equivalent strength of the original ready to use formula being approximately 8:1 (water:product).