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R 240.00

Gyeon Quartz

Q2 Leather Coat 400ml

Q2 Leather Coat is the first proper coating for all your leather trim. It's not a standard dressing, which typically only helps to refresh the leather, but it is a strong protectant. It builds a layer on the upper side of the leather bonding strongly to the surface. At the same time it doesn’t affect the look and feel of soft leather trim.

Q2 Leather is very easy to use. Proper surface preparation is crucial to ensure good bonding therefore HQ leather cleaner should be used prior to sealing. We recommend using cleaners which do not contain any natural moisturizing additives, as they could weaken the bonding process. In case it's needed, you can gently wipe the surface with Q2M Prep applied onto a microfiber. The coating process itself requires usage of microfiber applicator or cloth to apply an even layer, which afterwards needs to be left for at least few hours to dry and bond with the trim.